Drone Hosts
Hosting drone workshops, drone film festivals, drone races, and other drone events.

Drone Workshops

Drone enthusiasts worldwide conduct workshops and training events. Drone workshops are conducted by numerous institutions. The New Drone Law has opened up a new world of opportunities for businesses. Drone hosting and workshops have helped drone users to understand the operation of drones. Users can explore the working procedures, how to operate, and the real world applications of drones.

The White House conducts workshops to bring global investors together to encourage drone technology. Several workshops are conducted by private sponsors as well. The drone workshops will let the drone pilots practice their skills. Drone hosting workshops encourage people from all over the world gather together and learn from each other. People of all ages and genders are excited about the drone workshops which will help them fine tune their drone technologies. Private organizations such as the Dartdrones and other drone technical schools set up workshops to train people. The workshops mainly focus on taking off, landing, avoiding obstacles, preventing accidents, drone repairs, capturing pictures, regulations, safety rules, and other tips.

Drone Film Festival

Drone hosts include drone film festivals which concentrate on the videos captured by the unmanned aerial vehicles. The drone film festivals are organized in New York, Santa Clara, and other major cities. International drone film festivals are also conducted in London and Canada. The majority of the drone cinemas are captured using the drones and the video cameras attached to them. Editing and music may be added later. The topic for the movie may be any event or story captured via drone. Entries can include Dronz Photos as well.

The entries are required to follow all civilian rules and regulations and must have all rights to the music or the material used in the video. Entries are judged across different criteria such as still photography, technical, selfie, narrative, extreme sports, landscape, showreel, and any special criteria for that year. Submission guidelines may vary according to the criteria and any other general guidelines. Winners are judged by experts from different areas such as art, technical, drone technology, and so on.

Drone hosting by the film festivals primarily focus on cinematography using drones. The unmanned aerial systems are very useful in the art and media domains by capturing the bird's eye view of an event or area. Several drone hosts are arranging film festivals for junior and young adult pilots as well.

Drone Racing

Another type of drone hosts is drone racing. Drone racing is known to be the future of racing and is getting popular worldwide. The First Person View races can be played indoors or outdoors in a predefined track. Drone racing is a national and international event governed by several local and national authorities. Drone pilots fly their drones in the tracks and over the obstacles. The drone racing leagues compete worldwide in drone racing with other drone pilots. The race is scored in multiple heats and based on how the drones overcome different checkpoints and overall times. Here is a short description of drone hosts and drone racing.

Local and regional groups such as the Xtreme Drone Circuit, MultiGP, and the Reddit groups form alliances and conduct the drone races. The micro unmanned aerial vehicles such as the DJI Phantom are used in the drone races. The drones used in the races are light weigh and are built to withstand high speed flying. The drone races are usually taking place in large stadiums, abandoned buildings, outdoor areas, and so on. Drone races are held annually in different parts of the world and are attracting wide audience and sponsors.

A drone participating in the race must be built according a race's guidelines. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are becoming increasingly mandatory for the drones to increase the visibility. The overall weight, height, speed, frequency differ according to the drone. Drone races are being live aired by channels such as ESPN. Find a local schedule to watch the drone race in your area. Here is a glimpse of drone racing where you can see the drone pilots from all over the world are competing for the championship.

Drone Hosting Rules

Drone hosts are required to follow certain rules and regulations. Drone hosting is governed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the United States Drone Racing Association (USDRA). Pilots are required to get the pilot certification by taking a test at a local test center. All pilots must register their small drones by paying a registration fee. If a non-citizen wishes to fly the drone, they have to take the test and pay the ownership fee as well.

Drone hosts willing to host a race must follow additional guidelines such as keeping the courses free of any dangerous material. All pilots must have the frequency chart copy with them so they are not bumping in to the other drones. Drone hosts must remember that separate rules exist for hobbyist drone pilots and non-hobbyist drone pilots. All accidents must be reported and any violations are subject to local and federal charges.